Update: We have a limited number of space and we've already received more submissions that we can have (due to time). So, sadly, the sign-up list is now closed. 


Rules, Guidelines & Notes

  • A person may only be in one act. 
  • We will limit the number of acts. It'll likely be no more than eighteen. People that have registered and filled out the form below will get first priority. We anticipate the set-list filling up before the first night of Winter Retreat. 
  • No act can be larger than five individuals. 
  • All acts must be completed in three minutes and thirty seconds. At that point, a gong sound effect will go off. Repeatedly.  
  • The content must be G or PG. This applies to all acts, especially lyrics of songs and stand-up comedy. If the judges or the event coordinator deem an act inappropriate, a womp-womp sound effect will play signaling the end of your time on stage.
  • We have $300 in prizes and they will go to the first place winner and the runner up. Decision of the judges are final. 
  • There will be limited access to musical instruments. Particularly, you cannot borrow stuff from the worship band. 
  • The judges and hosts (emcees) will interact with each act, giving affirmation and perhaps even poking fun at the act. It won't be brutal, but if you don't like people laughing with you, you may not want to perform. Just a head's up, friends. 

Criteria, awards & prizes

  • Criteria for Judges (how they're evaluating each act):
    • overall talent
    • spiritual aspect 
    • crowd response
    • stage presence
  • Awards:
    • overall best (first place)
    • crowd favorite (second place) 
    • most likely to become famous (third place) 
  • Prizes: 
    • $120 in Amazon Gift Cards [6 Cards x $20] 
    • $100 in McDonald's Gift Cards [10 Cards  x $10] 
    • $80 in Starbucks Gift Cards [4 Cards x $20] 

Note: The first place team will get first dibs on picking their prize, and so forth.