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4pm - Staff & Guest Check-In Opens
6pm - Student Check-In Opens
8pm - Main Session I (Luray Ballroom)

Reception Immediately Following Session

Late Night Fun Expeditions Lounge, Game Room, Prayer Room & Jam Rooms


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How To Win People Who Hate Christians
Eric Ojala (Luray Ballroom)
Ever wonder how God is going to use you after Chi Alpha? What does the Great Commission look like on a Tuesday morning at the office? Come hear how God wants to use you in your future field to bring the kingdom of God to those who won’t come to church. The mission field of the marketplace is calling. Will you hear and obey the call to reach those who won’t come to us?

Eric Ojala is a church planter in Breckenridge, Colorado and a Chi Alpha guy at heart. He has been effective in the marketplace both in business and staying connected to God while leading people to Christ. He states that he is not famous but if he ever is it will be because he started a bible study in a marijuana dispensary. He loves his amazing wife and 3 kids. His primary spiritual gift is creating awkward situations.

The Pleasure Principle
Matt Sprenger XA@FSU (Cirrus B)
F.W. Boreham states, “We allow without knowing why we allow. We ban without knowing why we prohibit... Our theories of pleasure are in hopeless confusion. Is there no definite doctrine of amusement? Is there no philosophy of fun?”
Let’s see if there is.

Spirit Empowerment Seminar
Josh Moran XA@UVA (Rockbridge)
We will take a rather brief look at the third person of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit. Specifically His empowerment for service. If you have ever had questions concerning the Spirit’s empowerment in our lives, this could be the session for you.


Making Cents of Money
Pete Bullette XA@UVA (Cirrus A)
If you don’t manage it well it will curse you. If you hold on to it too tightly it will curse you. If you steward it well, it will bless you.
If you live open handed, it will bless others.Jesus spoke about money often because he knows that your money and your heart are connected. Come learn how to make sure money is not a curse in your life but instead a source of blessing to you and many others. Honestly the principles of this breakout session can change your life.

God Time
Tom Regal XA @ Penn State (Layton)
Do I have the will and discipline to have a daily “God time”? We’ll look at the heart of the matter; being and falling in love with God.” We’ll also explore some practices we can implement during our quiet times with the Lord.


Experience The Nations
XAI Team (Cirrus C & D)
On Mission on Campus - You have the opportunity on campus to make cool friends from cool countries. When that happens, you just might get to share Jesus with someone who has never heard His story! Experience what its like to be an international, interview international students yourself, and get practical tips to go about being a spiritual friend to an international student.